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《Arts at HSMC presented the award-winning dark comedy The Last Supper by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRep) at the Auditorium on 28 Apr 2017. The play drew an audience of over 160 guests, staff and students. To promote the play, Canteen Rendezvous at Block M offered “Pre-show Supper” with a special discount to the audience.



Beethoven Brillante 貝多芬逝世190周年紀念音樂會


Arts at HSMC brought on campus a thematically classical evening with “Beethoven Brillante—Commemoration of the 190th Anniversary of the Death of Beethoven”. The concert attracted an audience of over 160 guests, students and staff. The distinguished musicians included pianists Dr Karl Lo, Ms Henrika Wong and Ms Joycelyn Cheung, violinist Ms Alice Tang and cellist Mr Edgar Hung, who played Beethoven’s masterpieces and paid tribute to the great composer at the Auditorium on 11 April 2017.



The Delights of Wilderness -- Watercolour paintings by Wu Shiu Ming


The art exhibition The Delights of Wilderness -- Watercolour paintings by Wu Shiu Ming, presented by Arts at HSMC, is running till 20 Apr 2017 at the Exhibition Area of HSMC Library. Alongside the exhibition, a selection of Hong Kong renowned writer – Ms Wu Yin Ching’s publications are on display (Ms Wu Yin Ching is the daughter of the deceased artist Mr Wu Shiu Ming).



Lunchtime Live Jazz • JAZZ up life


Arts at HSMC will bring music and visual art programmes in this semester, adding an extra tint of artistic colour on our green campus. First comes Lunchtime Live Jazz by Angry Bird Trio featuring Billy Yeung. The Trio comprises Barry Lam (bass), Mark Leung (guitar) and Jose Leung (jazz vocalist) and they will jam with Billy Yeung, guest keyboardist, to put on all-time favourites such as Autumn Leaves, Take the A Train, Wave, Someday My Prince Will Come, Fly Me to the Moon…



Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS)


Arts at HSMC and Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) are bringing three astounding international films on campus on Thursdays in November!  The film shows will be followed by post-screening discussion (conducted in Cantonese) hosted by HKIFFS film critics.  Free Admission.  All are welcome. Register online to reserve your seat in advance.  For film descriptions in English, please refer to the attached file.





Arts at HSMC presented the first show of the touring forum theatre – All About Family by Pants Theatre Production at the Auditorium on 1 November 2016. The drama attracted over 60 students, staff and members of the public. This dynamic performance induced the audience to reflect on family relationships and communication with three scenes of everyday lives and feuds of a family. The “Joker”, who acted as a facilitator and outsider, invited members of the audience to share their views and ...


「文藝在恒管」:《水滸》舞台劇 -- 大專巡迴演出


Arts at HSMC presented a drama adapted from Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature, by Hong Kong Theatre Works. Mr Hardy Tsoi, Director and Playwright, gave a brief on the historical background of the play and talked about his inspiration to make this adaptation before the show. Three actors, namely Mac Tu, Walter Leung and Edmond Kok, were casted in over 20 stage roles in the 60-minute performance adapted from seven excerpts of the classical novel...


ARtscape Cruising 2016 New Vision Arts Festival Exhibition 


“Are there boundaries in art? Does the nature of art itself invite people to continuously exceed these boundaries? With eyes wide open, explore the surreal artscapes of new music, contemporary dance and inclusive art infused with augmented reality, and venture into unchartered terrain to uncover diverse perspectives.”



Open Rehearsal of the First Hong Kong International Drummer Festival 2016


Arts at HSMC presented Open Rehearsal of the First Hong Kong International Drummer Festival (HKIDF) 2016 – “Young Friends @ HSMC” in the afternoons on 6-8 & 10 June.  The Open Rehearsal featured international... 2016-6-10



<Music & Dance From East and West Series>
“East Meets West” Concert


On 19 April 2016, Arts at HSMC presented a culturally fused music performance with five artists of international standing, namely, Professor Vadim Mazo, Associate Professor of Illinois Wesleyan University, USA and world renowned Russian violinist, Ms Xing Lu, famous Chinese erhu performer... 2016-4-19



<Music & Dance From East and West Series>
When Pianists Meet…


Arts at HSMC brought a graceful evening on campus with classical masterpieces by renowned pianists, Dr Karl Lo, as well as Ms Alice Tang, Ms Henrika Wong and Ms Joycelyn Cheung, in the two-piano performance “When Pianists Meet” on 18 March 2016 at the Auditorium.  The concert was sponsored by Parsons Music... 2016-3-18



<Music & Dance From East and West Series>





In the Mood for Animals 


In the Mood for Animals featured five notable Hong Kong visual artists and brought their works in various art media to students, staff and the community. It also served as a platform for local visual artists to express their creativity and had it delivered to a wider audience ... 2015-10-5 ~ 2015-12-11





International Poetry Nights 2015@HSMC


Presented by the School of Translation and Arts at HSMC, the International Poetry Nights 2015@HSMC was held on 26 November 2015 at Fung Yiu King Hall.  A trio of poets ... 2015-11-26



Spring Sonata by Professor Vadim Mazo & Dr Cheng Wai


Arts at HSMC’s first classical music concert Spring Sonata took place on 14 April 2015 at the Auditorium. Professor Vadim Mazo, world renowned violinist and Associate Professor of Violin and Viola at Illinois Wesleyan University, together with Dr Cheng Wai, winner of the Hong Kong Young Music Performer Award of the International ... 2015-4-14



JAZZ March - Jazz Night


The JAZZ March final concert - JAZZ Night brought this month of Jazz music to a gorgeous close. On 23 March 2015, the 17-member HKU Big Band, Barry Lam Quartet and Shining Star played beautiful songs such as Fly Me to the Moon, .... 2015-3-23



JAZZ March 2nd Lunchtime Concert Featuring Laymen in Jazz


The second Lunchtime Concert featuring the local Jazz group Laymen in Jazz took place on G/F of S H Ho Academic Building on Friday 13 March 2015. Laymen in Jazz members shared their music and their love for Jazz with our students and staff. Their music filled the foyer with a melodic ambience.... 2015-3-13



JAZZ March 1st Lunchtime Concert Featuring Soda Lam & Bananaooyoo


The first Lunchtime Concert featuring young musicians Soda Lam and Bananaooyoo took place on G/F of S H Ho Academic Building on Tuesday 3 March 2015. Both students and staff enjoyed a musical and delightful lunch break out of a busy day.... 2015-3-3



Bertolt Brecht’s Galileo


The Provost’s Office invited Hong Kong Theatre Works to bring this theatrical production to HSMC students and staff. The play uses the story of the great physicist Galileo to examine the issues of scientific morality and the difficult relationship between the intellectual and authority... 2014-11-19


Distinguished Lecture Series—Dr Gao Xingjian, Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature


The Provost’s Office’s Arts at HSMC programme was honoured to have invited Dr Gao Xingjian, Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 2000, as the first speaker of the College’s Distinguished Lecture Series... 2014-11-3