About HSMC


HSMC aims to be a leading private university, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning and research, especially in the areas of business management, humanities and social sciences.




  • To advance knowledge and understanding of human activities;
  • To be committed to free enquiry and responsible scholarship;
  • To provide an all-round education which focuses on theoretical exploration, professional knowledge and skills, and business ethics;
  • To nurture innovative and enterprising leaders for the knowledge-based economy.



Strategic Objectives

  1. To afford a modern and stimulating campus environment to facilitate and support teaching and learning activities.
  2. To develop and offer innovative academic programmes which respond to changing community needs.
  3. To provide a holistic and challenging educational experience for students.
  4. To cultivate students’ global perspective through internationalisation.
  5. To develop strategic partnerships with industries and businesses.
  6. To create internship opportunities for students to gain practical experience in the workplace.
  7. To encourage and support dynamic research, initially focusing on regional relevance and gradually broadening to more extensive horizons.
  8. To strengthen governance structure.
  9. To enhance quality control through internal and external monitoring.
  10. To explore new ways and sources of funding to augment the financial base of the College.


roadmap to University
Roadmap to University

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