School of Business


04-06Concentration Information Seminar 2016/17, BBA Programme
11-19HSMC Information Day 2016 (School of Business/ BBA Programme)
11-17Briefing Session for Enrolment of ITN3001 Field Experience (Job Placement) 2016/17
11-10Career and Concentration Selection Workshop (Semester 1, 2016/17)
10-05School of Business / BBA Programme Advisory Committee Meeting 2016/17
07-15An article featuring the BBA Programme on Master Insight
04-07(BBA Programme) Concentration Selection Forum 2015/16
11-21HSMC Information Day 2015 (School of Business/ BBA Programme)
11-19Briefing Session for Enrolment of ITN3001 Field Experience (Job Placement) 2015/16
11-05BBA Programme: Personal Tutor Meeting (Semester 1, 2015/16)
10-29Assistant Professor from Department of Marketing Gave a Talk at SME Seminar
08-20HSMC College Orientation 2015/16, School of Business / BBA Programme
07-27BBA Programme Advisory Committee Lunch Meeting 2014/15
07-04HSMC BBA Consultation Day 2015
04-30BBA Programme Personal Tutor Meeting
(Semester 2, 2014/15)
04-23BBA Concentration Selection Forum (2014/15)
11-22HSMC BBA Information Day 2014
10-30BBA Programme: Personal Tutor Meeting (Semester 1, 2014/15)
09-18Internship Briefing Session 2014/15 for BBA Students
08-25BBA (Honours) Programme Orientation cum Lunch Gathering 2014/15
07-17BBA Programme Students Awarded Three Prizes under the YDC E-Challenge 2014
07-11BBA Programme Advisory Committee Lunch Meeting 2013/14
06-14Information Day 2014
05-11BBA Programme students were invited for an interview on Digital Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) - (U-Station)
04-24BBA Programme Concentration Selection Forum (2014-2015)
12-07Information Day 2013
08-27BBA Programme Orientation 2013
07-12Advisory Committee Meeting 2012/13
04-23Concentration Selection Forum
04-16ICAC Seminars
12-01Information Day
11-15Internship Briefing Session 2012-2013
10-23Congratulations to graduates of BBA Programmes
09-10BBA Programme Orientation for First Year Students
06-16Information seminars and booths of BBA Programme held on Information Day 2012
04-12BBA, BBA-SCM and ABA students received awards in the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme 2011-2012
03-26A team of BBA Year 4 students earned Global Top 100 Ranking for ROE performance in BSG Competition
03-23The Inauguration Ceremony of the 2nd Student Association of Business Administration (SABA), HSMC Student Union, Session 2011-2012
03-15A BBA Year 2 student gained excellent result in examination of Society of Actuaries
03-06Information Session on postgraduate study of Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
02-16Open Forum on Choosing Concentration for BBA Year 2 students
02-09Advisory Committee Meeting for BBA Programme 2011-2012
01-12Hang Seng Management College and Kingdee International Software Group (H.K.) Limited announced their partnership
12-03Information Day
12-01Annual Election of the 2nd Student Association of Business Administration, HSMC Student Union, Session 2011-2012
11-18Seminar of The University of British Columbia: Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) Program