Professional Talk Series / Conferences / Seminars

11-15SCM Professional Talk – Contemporary Issues in Supply Chain Management
03-24Supply Chain Decarbonisation Seminar Series on Aviation Logistics and Environmental Sustainability
02-25“Learning more on Entrepreneurial Spirit” Seminar Series - February to April 2016
07-24The 20th Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference in conjunction with The 2nd International Conference on Supply Chain for Sustainability
04-02Mr Micky Lo - What is Information Risk Management & its career opportunities in Asia Pacific?
04-02Ms Gloria Luk - IT Audit and Services
04-01Professor Anselmo Reyes – International Commercial Maritime Arbitration Moot Court held in HSMC
03-28Supply Chain Decarbonisation Workshop III
03-12Dr Toa Charm - The Market Trends & Career Opportunities of ICT Industry in Asia Pacific
01-29黄彩屏博士 - 如何打造最具穿透力的商業計劃書
01-24Supply Chain Decarbonisation Workshop II
11-15Supply Chain Decarbonisation Workshop
10-30Mr Kelvin Ko - Extend your dream in air cargo industry
10-25Enabling Wireless Technologies in Supply Chains Seminar
09-25Mr Pippo Au - Regain our confidence in food supply chains
04-15Mr Lam Wai Chun (CEO of 759 Store) - Guest Lecture for SCM4103
03-06Professor Wong Kam Fai - The Whistleblower—Edward Snowden
01-11The First International Conference on “Supply Chain Sustainability”
11-14Mr Daniel Chan - How can you develop yourself academically to be a good procurement professional in supply chain job market?
10-17Mr Jacky Chan - Warehouse Management and IT Applications for Retail Logistics by 3PL
03-28Ms Clara Chan & Mr Paul Tai - The Challenges in Today’s Supply Chain and Management
03-14Mr Gordon Lam - Supply Chain Management and Operations Management in Enterprises