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DateSchool / DepartmentHeadline
05-27SBUSAACSB Accreditation Conference, Shanghai, 23 - 27 May
05-26ENG10th English Departmental Seminar, by Dr Sue Yip and Ms Clara Cheng
05-23ACC"Women in the Accounting Profession" – 2015 Competition
05-20SAOChung Yuan Christian University visited HSMC
05-18COMPComputing Research Seminar (2014/15): “My 40 Years of Academic Life”
05-14ENG9th English Departmental Seminar, by Dr Marius Chan
05-14SCOMThird Academic Salon Hosted by the School of Communication
05-08PDQAOInternal Accreditation Panel Meeting for Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian Studies
05-06CPAOVisits by New Territories School Heads Association and Kowloon Region School Heads Association
05-05PDQAOInternal Accreditation Panel Meeting for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Computing
05-05DSHSMC Campus Visit 2015 Organised by School of Decision Sciences
05-04AAAONaming Ceremony for Lee Quo Wei Academic Building
04-30BBABBA Programme Personal Tutor Meeting
(Semester 2, 2014/15)
04-27PDQAOInitial Consultation on Programme Area Accreditation (PAA) with HKCAAVQ
04-25SCOMBJC Pre-Internal Re-accreditation Panel (Pre-IRP) Meeting
04-24MGTBusiness Experience Sharing Session II
04-23BBABBA Concentration Selection Forum (2014/15)
04-22SCOMSecond Academic Salon Hosted by School of Communication
04-21Provost's Office / CPAOHSMC Distinguished Lecture – Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee, Nobel Prize Laureate
04-16COMPComputing Research Seminar (2014/15): “Is Your Brain Replaceable?”
04-15SAO240 HSMC Students Received HK$4.6 Million Government Scholarships
04-15STRAMock News Conference
04-15SCOMVisit to Phoenix TV
04-14Provost's OfficeSpring Sonata by Professor Vadim Mazo & Dr Cheng Wai
04-13CPAOHSMC Received the Gold Award in “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2015”
04-10STRAGuest Talk: The Joy of Poetry—Appreciating and Writing Modern Poetry
04-09E&FFinancial Risk Management in Practice by Mr Hanson Wong
04-09SSC7th GE Colloquium (2014/15): “CROSSING BORDER│BORDER CROSSING
04-06SCOMGoodwill Ambassadors Adventure Training Workshop
04-02E&FInvest in Your Future
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