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DateSchool / DepartmentHeadline
04-09SCOMBJC Talk Series 17: My Life in Chinese Society
04-06ACCSix Accountancy Students Entered into Final Round of Ernst & Young's Young Tax Professional of the Year 2014
04-06STRATranslation Culture in Hong Kong Talk Series: Problems of language and culture in translating Hong Kong litigation documents(Co-organised by the School of Translation and Hong Kong Central Library)
04-03SSCGE Colloquium Series No.3 (2013/14): Seven Identities: On Construction of Chineseness among Long-settled Australian-born Chinese
04-01SSCGE Salon Series No.3 (2013/14)
03-28CPAOHSMC Jockey Club Student Residence Halls Groundbreaking Ceremony
03-24ENGGuest Speaker Talk delivered by Louise Ho
03-22SAOScholarship and Academic Award Presentation Ceremony
03-19SCOMVisit to Strategic Public Relations Group
03-17ExchangeCourtesy Visit to Korean partners
03-16STRATranslation Culture in Hong Kong Talk Series: PR with Chinese Characteristics Vs Anglo-American PR—Dilemma in PR Translation (Co-organised by the School of Translation and Hong Kong Central Library)
03-12SCOMConcentration Selection Briefing Session
03-10ExchangeGordon College (USA) Hosts Seminars at the HSMC
03-08SCMCILTHK Student Day 2014
03-06SCOMGraduation Photo Day
03-06COHSMC Job Fair – connecting students with prospective employers
03-05SCOMHKTV Career Talk plus On-site Interview
02-24CPAOShatin Arts and Cultural Promotion Briefing Session
02-22SCOM2014 BJC Advisory Committee and External Examiners Meeting
02-20STRASeminar on How to Translate Effectively
02-20SAOInauguration Ceremony for Twenty-Six HSMC Student Ambassadors 2013/14
02-19SCOMBJC Talk Series 16: From Reporting to Being Reported: Changing Dynamics of Public Affairs over Thirty Years
02-18SSCGE Salon Series No.2 (2013/14)
02-18CPAOHSMC held 2014 Media Spring Luncheon
02-16STRATranslation Culture in Hong Kong Talk Series: Translating Hong Kong (Co-organised by the School of Translation and Hong Kong Central Library)
02-10ACCDepartment of Accountancy joined Oracle Academy Programme
01-30ExchangeCNY Activities for Inbound Exchange Students
01-28CPAOHSMC Photo Competition 2013 Award Presentation Ceremony
01-18SCOMRetreat of School of Communication
01-17CPAOKid Reporters' Visit to HSMC
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