Communications and Public Affairs Office

News & Events

DateSchool / DepartmentHeadline
04-10SAOScholarship and Academic Award Presentation Ceremony
04-03CPAO恒管探訪兒童之家 捐贈物資 與孩子同樂
03-27SSCGE Salon Series No.1 – Screening of “Go Grandriders”
03-27ENG2nd English Departmental Seminar, by Dr. Gavin Bei
03-25SCOMSchool of Communication 5-day study tour to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuzhen and Shanghai 
03-22ExchangeHSMC welcomes a delegation from Center for Overseas Academic and Cultural Exchanges of Tsinghua University, China
03-20SCOMBJC Honour Roll Presentation Ceremony
03-20CPAOFinancial Seminar
03-19STRAVisit to Urban Renewal Authority
03-18CPAOHKFYG M21 Visit
03-16CPAOCareer Teachers' Day
03-15ExchangeHSMC welcomes a delegation from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
03-14CPAOYoung Industrialists Council Delegation’s Visit to HSMC
03-14SCMSCM Professional Talk Series
03-14SCMOpening Ceremony of the Decisions Science Technology (DST) Laboratory
03-11ExchangeHSMC welcomes delegation from Ajou University, Republic of Korea
03-08SAOJob Fair
03-06ENG1st English Departmental Seminar, by Professor Thomas Luk
02-27SCOMConcentration Selection Briefing Session
02-25HUMOpening Ceremony of Language Centres
02-22CPAOHSMC held 2013 Media Spring Luncheon
02-02CPAODrama Society joined “Love Stairs” Premiere and Movie sharing 
01-26ExchangeCareers Mentorship BBQ
01-25ExchangeHSMC welcomes delegation from Pukyong National University, Korea
01-19SCOMSchool of Communication Teaching and Administration Meeting of Semester 2, 2012/13
01-16CPAOHSMC held Junzi Corporation Survey 2012 Award Presentation Ceremony
01-16SBUSHong Kong Junzi Corporation Survey Award Presentation Ceremony 2012
01-16SCMSCM’s Fuji Xerox’s Green Study Visit on 16 January, 2013
01-11ExchangeFarewell Gathering for inbound exchange students
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