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DateSchool / DepartmentHeadline
03-15BBAA BBA Year 2 student gained excellent result in examination of Society of Actuaries
03-06BBAInformation Session on postgraduate study of Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
02-24STRAGao Xingjian in HSMC
02-22SCOM1st Financial News Seminar
02-17SCOMVisit to Bloomberg
02-16BBAOpen Forum on Choosing Concentration for BBA Year 2 students
02-09BBAAdvisory Committee Meeting for BBA Programme 2011-2012
01-12BBAHang Seng Management College and Kingdee International Software Group (H.K.) Limited announced their partnership
01-07STRAThe 1st Business Translation Conference at HSMC
12-06SCOMMr Henry Tang Seminar
12-03BBAInformation Day
12-01BBAAnnual Election of the 2nd Student Association of Business Administration, HSMC Student Union, Session 2011-2012
11-30SCOMTaiwan Presidential Election Trip
11-18BBASeminar of The University of British Columbia: Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) Program
11-12CPAOHSMC Hosted Information Day 2011
11-12SCOMHSMC Information Day
10-30SCOMPhoto shooting activity in Tai O
10-18SCOMGuest Speaker Sharing Session
09-22CPAODr Moses Cheng Mo-chi, Chairman of Education Commission Spoke at HSMC
09-15SCOMBJC Broadcast Workshops
09-12ExchangeLipscomb University Visit
08-30SCOMBJC Orientation Day Summary
07-19SCOMVisit from University of Macau
03-22CPAOMr Ricky Wong Wai-kay, Co-founder and Chairman of the City Telecom (H.K.) Limited and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited Shared His Thoughts at HSMC
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