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Updates of Career Leap Club graduates in work/study life and career tips

21 December 2016

Updates of Career Leap Club graduates in work/study life and career tips

Career Leap Club (CLC) is a 2-year career guidance programme which offers an extensive range of networking opportunities and workshops for a batch of high-performing senior year students. Organised by the Career Planning and Development team of Student Affairs Office, the programme has invited over 10 business professionals and senior management (including CEOs and Directors) to serve as “Industry Advisor” of our students, who contribute themselves to coaching our students individually and sharing their insightful knowledge and experience in various industries.


This year, the first batch of CLC students have just graduated and we are happy to witness their growth along the past two years. Recently, we are delighted to hear some sharing from David, Eva and Janice, who have just embarked on their exciting career / further study journey. Let’s see what are their memorable moments at CLC and their career tips for all HSMC students!


David Poon (BBA-MKT fresh graduate)


Current Capacity: Management Trainee, Hopewell Holdings Limited


David stood out among hundreds of applicants and attained the Management Trainee position of Hopewell Holdings Ltd. In this structured MT programme, David will rotate to different business units and corporate functions within two years and get prepared for managerial positions on a fast track. Working under a fast-paced environment, David believed that time management, planning and adaptability were of utmost importance.


David said that CLC has provided him with opportunities to understand more about his own abilities. The all-rounded programme has trained him to ace the interviews and guided him to develop soft-skills that are essential in the business world.


Career Tips from David: “Imagine your future. Actualise your imagination and overcome all difficulties. Work hard and be curious. No matter how strong your competitors are, you always have more than 50% chance to beat them. Dream big.”


Eva Lau (BBA-MKT fresh graduate)


Current Capacity: Account Executive, Yello Marketing


Eva is now working as an Account Executive in Yello Marketing, an integrated marketing agency specialising in the sports market. Indeed, Eva got to know Ms Tina Wong, Co-founder of Yello Marketing via a CLC luncheon event around a year ago; at the event, Eva made an impression on Tina, who offered her an interview opportunity and became her boss eventually. Eva expressed her thanks for all the opportunities provided by CLC, as well as all the useful advices given by the industry advisors.


Working in this dynamic agency that managed signature sports events such as Nike Women 10K, Hong Kong Tennis Open etc., Eva’s daily responsibilities include organising events, arranging press conferences and developing media pitching, etc. She recalled the most interesting project that she has engaged by far was the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Singapore, which gave her precious experience in coordinating events abroad and visiting government-run sports facilities. With a positive attitude and dedicated efforts, Eva is certainly heading towards a promising future in the field.


Career Tips from Eva: “Factors such as family's expectation, salary and prospect may affect your career choice, but the main considerations are what you truly want to do and what could bring you happiness. Don’t go with the easy way, take the challenging one; explore more as you won't grow up by staying in the comfort zone. Working in the PR field is not easy, but it is really rewarding and satisfying upon completion of each project.”


Janice Leung (BA-ENG fresh graduate)


Current Capacity: Juris Doctor student, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


With a keen interest in the legal profession, Janice is currently pursuing Juris Doctor programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She said that law was a challenging subject with a lot of reading and the stress could be overwhelming. However difficult it was, Janice still found the learning experience very rewarding and she enjoyed the dynamic discussions among students.


Looking back, Janice was particularly grateful for the insightful advice on career development from CLC’s industry advisors. Before joining the CLC, she did not have a clear idea on the career she wished to pursue. After a series of workshops, talks and the sharing from industry advisors, she managed to narrow down her career choices and learnt to focus on pursuing her goals.


Career Tips from Janice: “It is of the utmost importance to choose the field of studies that you are interested in. When you are passionate about what you are learning, you will be able to overcome whatever obstacles ahead. It is also necessary to consider the relevance of the programme to the career field of your choice as your education background will be helpful in pursuing your career.”


About CLC and its industry advisors


CLC is a two-year programme that welcomes application from Year 3 students at the beginning of each academic year (Sep – Oct), and it currently comprises 40 high-performing year 3 and 4 HSMC students. Please visit (login required) for more information of the programme.


We are thankful for the support from all the industry advisors listed below who have contributed remarkably since CLC was incepted in 2014.





Mr Allan Lee

Legacy Academy Limited

Director of Training

Mr Anthony Woo

Harvard Business School Asia-Pacific Research Center


Mr Envel Leung

OOCL Logistics

Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing

Ms  Frances Chan

TMF Group

Director, Head of Corporate Secretarial Services

Mr Garrick Lau

G Edventures

Founder and CEO

Ms Jessie Wong

Hang Seng Bank

Vice President, Sales Monitoring and Operations Control, Secured Loans Department

Mr Ken Lam

Agile Property Holdings Limited

Chief Manager, Corporate Affairs

Mr Kevin Lau

Comba Telecom System Holdings Ltd

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr K K Tsang

The Bees Holdings Limited

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Margaret So


Director, Recruitment and Resourcing, Human Resources

Mr Peter Jung

Milton Exhibits Group

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr  Raymond Mak

Path of Democracy


Mr Samuel Lau

Kerry Logistics

Executive Director

Mr Samuel Law


Associate Director

Mr S K Lee

Hang Seng Bank

Head of Financial Crime Compliance

Mr Steve Cheung


Senior Manager, FS Audit

Mr Wilson Cheng


Partner, Tax & Business Advisory Services

*listed in alphabetical order of advisors’ first name

CLC offers a wide array of networking opportunities and workshops for students
CLC offers a wide array of networking opportunities and workshops for students
David prepares to assume managerial position in a few years’ time
David prepares to assume managerial position in a few years’ time
Eva enjoys her exciting business trip in Singapore
Eva enjoys her exciting business trip in Singapore
Janice (right) aspires to pursue her career in the legal field
Janice (right) aspires to pursue her career in the legal field